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Consulate Offices

Public Affairs Section

The Public Affairs Section performs two primary functions in Hong Kong; it is both a source of information on official U.S. Government policy and a coordinator of U.S. cultural activities with local partners.

Darragh Paradiso, Public Affairs Officer
Kristin Haworth, Assistant Public Affairs Officer/Spokesperson
Katherine Harbin, Public Diplomacy Officer
Hongmin Qi, Information Specialist
Ann Tsang, Cultural Specialist

Information Office

The Public Affairs Section is the official voice of the Consulate General. The Information Office handles all public affairs questions involving the United States Government in Hong Kong. The Information Office also assists other elements of the Consulate General in their media activities and programs.

Members of the Information Office prepare and distribute press releases, organize press conferences and other media events, provide timely and useful information to local journalists and Hong Kong-based foreign correspondents, and monitor local media opinion on issues of interest to the United States.

Cultural Office

The Cultural Office coordinates and supports U.S. cultural activities in Hong Kong. These activities include the American speaker, International Visitor, and Fulbright. Former U.S. Department of State exchange grantees are invited to join International Exchange Alumni, the online community by and for exchange program alumni.

Through its cultural programming, the Public Affairs Section seeks to build long-lasting ties between peoples, to share U.S. expertise on topics of interest to host countries, and to explain American cultural values such as the rule of law, democracy, free-market economics, and the freedom of speech.

EducationUSA Hong Kong

The EducationUSA Hong Kong is the only official guide to U.S. higher education. The advising center provides free, comprehensive and current information to students, parents and educators in Hong Kong and Macau about study and exchange opportunities in the United States.>

The advising center also welcomes and supports the visits of U.S. higher education institutions. To learn more and to collaborate with EducationUSA around the globe, please visit Resources and Services for U.S. Higher Education Professionals.

Come join our Facebook page to get free access to the most current U.S. admissions policies, testing information, and scholarship and international financial aid opportunities. You may also subscribe to our EducationUSA Hong Kong monthly newsletter. For specific inquiries, please email EducationUSA Hong Kong.

Information Resource Center

The Information Resource Center provides electronic library services to the general public. These services include reference, electronic books, videos, databases and also special services for schools. You can reach the Information Resource Center via Email: Reference Service or Fax: (852) 25259195.

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The Voice of America operates its Asian News Bureau in Hong Kong separately from the Public Affairs Section and is not part of it.


Last updated: February 24, 2016

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